Wisconsin Testing Laboratories is a geotechnical engineering and materials testing firm owned and operated by registered professional engineers. Services are provided to owners, architects, engineers, utilities, governmental agencies, developers, and others in need of geotechnical exploration, soil and materials testing, and engineering.

We consider ourselves first and foremost an engineering consulting firm. Geotechnical engineering analysis, consultation and reporting services are provided. We also have expertise in the area of construction materials. Registered professional engineers with advanced degrees in soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering are the foundation of the engineering staff. Professional society memberships include ACI, ASCE, ASTM and, ISSMGE.


Our staff of technicians includes people with college background and certifications under ACI and Wisconsin DOT. In most cases their testing experience has been gained while employed by Wisconsin Testing Laboratories. College students are utilized full time during the summer months and part time during school months in order to fill out the staff in a supporting role, and at the same time to provide experience opportunities to prospective engineers and geologists.

Laboratory Testing

The laboratory testing services include classification, strength and compressibility tests on soils samples, as well as various tests for evaluating the suitability and adequacy of aggregates, concrete, mortar and asphalt. The laboratory is equipped with the necessary soil, asphalt, and concrete testing units, including a 300,000 lb. capacity Test Mark compression machine. The concrete area includes moist curing tanks with temperature controls.

Field Work

Field inspection and testing services during construction are also provided. Inspection units for soil compaction control include nuclear density meters, as well as other conventional equipment for field density testing. Basic field concrete testing equipment includes slump cones, air contents meters and yield buckets. Inspection of foundation excavations is considered a critical area and is generally performed by our engineering staff. This includes drilled shaft (caisson) inspection and other specialized inspection and testing.

Subsurface Investigation

Exploration test drilling is subcontracted to selected, qualified drillers. This allows for maximum flexibility in available drilling equipment and schedule. Instructions and plans prepared by our engineering staff are supplied to the drilling contractors. Good communication between the drill crews and our engineering staff is considered essential, and is typically facilitated by phone and by site visits. Our engineers thoroughly examine and classify the samples collected by the drill crews, assign laboratory tests and finalize the boring logs.

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